My name is Paul Ferrini and I am a web developer working for a Corporation & LLC formation company based in Chicago, Illinois. In all my time here, I’ve noticed that one of the most commonly discussed issues related to business formation is finding a good name for a company.

The difficulty lies in choosing a unique name that’s concise, intelligible, and, above all, still available. And given how often this was brought up by my colleagues and customers, it got me thinking.

The initial idea was to develop an acronym tool for generating short company names. I began working on it in my free time and eventually shared the final version with some friends who found it pretty handy, but there was nothing more to it.

Then a few months later, I discovered that the tool had somehow gotten shared around and was now being used by people I didn’t even know. It’s then that I thought it would be more practical to develop a website so that anyone could generate a short and unique name for any type of business entity with a single click.

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